Monday, May 26, 2014

Pastry Cloth and Fabric Dyeing with Freezer Paper

Sooooo... I did sewing project 3 before completing project 2.  I needed to step away from the maternity skirt, and I really need to do a little research on heming. 

Anyway, today I decided to make the pastry cloth from the Pinterest pin on my "sewing" board. I'm super stoked about how it turned out!  Hopefully it'll be as awesome when I actually use it!!!

So here are the tutorials I used to complete this project.

Pastry Cloth tutorial

Freezer Paper Fabric Dyeing tutorial

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  1. This is SUPER cute! And I loved that Make It & Love It tutorial about using a pastry cloth...way to act on it and embellish it with your name. Perfection! (And thanks for the link love.)