Thursday, December 13, 2012

Renovation Christmas Present!

If you know me, you know that I've found a new love for cooking and baking.  You also know I am not a fan of my outdated kitchen!

My hubby is changing that for me!  For Christmas this year, I'm getting a new kitchen.  This is not a small project either (as you can see from the pictures).  My kitchen definitely shows the age of our house.  The stove is built into the counters, and my oven is built into the wall next to it.
***This is a really bizzare panoramic photo that my phone will take***
OH THAT OVEN!  I can't wait to have that thing out of my house.  I remember the first time I went to bake cookies in it.  I tired to put my baking sheet in it, only to find out that I had a tiny oven that would only fit small baking sheets!  Now, for those who love to bake, imagine having to do a 1/2 sheet at a time.  It would take me twice as long to get a batch of cookies done.  My new oven won't have that problem though.  It's HUGE, and has a big window so that I can easily keep an eye on what's baking.  That's another thing about the old one.  The light didn't work, so I couldn't peep in without having to open the door.  I think I'm going to bake something for a week straight once I'm up and running!

Here's a picture of the new one!

Up and running will be nice!  As of Tuesday, I've been without everything in the kitchen.  No counters, stove, oven, microwave... I don't even have a kitchen sink right now!  I've been using my toaster oven to warm up some items, and my dryer has become my makeshift kitchen counter.  HAHA, it's so sad!  I'm washing out baby food containers in the bathroom sink too.

That should all change tomorrow!  The countertop guys are coming to install our new granite countertops with undermounted sink.  I think the sink is my favorite part.  It will be so much easier to just brush the flour and baking mess I make into the sink.  I was having to go over a "hump," and then you'd get it stuck and have to scrub where the sink was attached to the counter (ewww)!

 After tomorrow, it will just be painting and installing the tile backsplash!  Oh, and putting all the stuff back in the cabinets!  That's the fun part to me.  I ♥ organizing.

Here's some pictures of my husband hard at work!

*We had to remove the stove/oven to do the wiring for it, and also so they can easily put in the counter tops! (NOTE: I said "we"  haha)***